Ellys Lee

- Officer
Hometown: Roxbury, Mass.
Unit: Gang (Day)
Title/Rank: Officer
Years on force: 6.5
Legacy: Mother and Father were police officers - both deceased. Has a brother and a sister both on the BPD and an older brother who is retired.

Ellys would not only get the "most likeable" award but, with two college degrees, he'd get the "smarty-pants" award as well. Ellys initially wanted to go into the entertainment industry so he pursued a degree in mass communications. However, after graduating and working in the field, he decided what he really wanted was to follow in his family's footsteps and went back to school to get his criminal justice degree, during which time he also played division 2 basketball. Ellys's sister stepped in to the role of mom when their mother passed away from Leukemia - Ellys was just eight. Ironically, though not hereditary, Ellys battled and beat Leukemia himself at the age of eleven and, aside from giving back wherever he can, his passions also include spending some quality time with his wife and 18-month-old daughter at home. Between his personal struggles and his work on the dangerous streets of Boston, no one can appreciate the value of life like Ellys can.