Winston DeLeon

- Officer
Hometown: Trinidad. Moved to Boston age 17.
Unit: Fugitive
Title/Rank: Officer
Years on Force: 10

Winston DeLeon was born and raised in Trinidad. He served in the United States Army and then worked for the Massachusetts Department of Corrections before becoming a BPD officer. As a nine-year veteran on the force, Winston is well respected among his peers and enjoys waking up everyday to do what he loves - serving the city he now calls home. The Trinidadian has a large, loose and fun personality, always ready with a quip or a line to diffuse the tension of a long day's work. His easygoing charm and bright smile put others at ease, and often gets him through doors that others can't - which is good when you're trying to find fugitives on the run. Winston is one of the Fugitive Unit's original members, coming from the gang unit - a reluctant move at first, since he says one of his favorite parts of the job is a good foot chase. But he's learned to love the pace and the process of work in the fugitive unit - not to mention the fulfillment of finding and arresting some of Boston's most violent criminals.