Jenn Penton

- Officer
Hometown: New Bedford, MA.
Unit: E-18
Title/Rank: Officer
Years on Force: 6

Jenn Penton grew up in New Bedford, MA, served in Afghanistan after 9/11, and then moved to Boston to join the police department. Raised by a single mother who always instilled in her that she could do anything she put her mind to, Jenn says she was inspired to join the force by her love of the law and her time in a Military Police unit. She may think of herself as a "girly girl" when she's off duty, but on the job, she's become a highly respected patrol officer, on the fast track to a big career. Still, Jenn will be the first to tell you that her life hasn't always been easy. She has a twin sister, Melissa, who has struggled with drug addiction and gave up her son for adoption. The good news is that Melissa has been in rehab down in Florida for almost six months and, if she keeps up the good work, will move into a halfway house. Jenn is trying to stay in her nephew's life and is in the process of helping her sister turn her life around.