Fugitive Unit

The Boston Police Fugitive Unit is made up of approximately 13 Boston Police detectives and officers. Many members of the B.P.D. Fugitive Unit are also "Specially Deputized" by the U.S. Marshals, allowing them to conduct fugitive investigations from state to state. The mission of the Fugitive Unit is to locate and capture suspects wanted for violent felonies, to include but not limited to persons wanted for suspected murder, rape, assaults, robberies and drug-related violent offenses. The Fugitive Unit routinely conducts investigations and warrant services outside the city of Boston and will even travel out side of Massachusetts if necessary. Members of the Fugitive Unit have conducted apprehensions in almost every state in the country and have traveled as far as the country of Trinidad to make an arrest. The Boston Police Department is committed to tracking down and arresting anyone who's suspected of committing violent crimes in the city of Boston, no matter how far they flee, and the BPD Fugitive Unit is responsible for the capture of over 150 murderers over the past 10 years. The Boston Police Fugitive Unit is considered to be one of the most elite Fugitive Units in the country.

Greg Dankers
Michelle Williams
Brian Albert
Sean Joyce
Mike Sullivan
Winston DeLeon
Joe Morerro
Mike McHugh