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Angel: Season 1, Episode 1
City Of
Angel, a vampire with a soul, arrives in Los Angeles. Having left Sunnydale and his true love Buffy (the Vampire Slayer) behind, Angel is searching for a place to call his own and a means to redeem himself for past sins as a brutal, malicious, bloodthirsty killer. Doyle, a half human, half demon, is sent to him by "The Powers That Be" to help him on his path. The Irish half-breed advises Angel to live among the people of the city so as to avoid losing his own humanity. Doyle also reveals that he has had a vision of a young girl in trouble, prompting Angel to go on his first mission to help the helpless. The girl's name is Tina, and Angel learns that she is being stalked by a powerful vampire. As the investigation goes deeper, Angel learns that this creature preys on many aspiring actresses, and his latest target is an old friend from Sunnydale who has just arrived in the City of Angels.