Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I being asked to log in?
Through an arrangement with participating television providers, we're making full episodes of some of your favorite TNT shows available the day after they air on television. We're also making more full episodes available than ever before. This service is only for subscribers of these providers, so we need you to verify your subscription by logging in with the username and password provided by your television provider.

What do I get for logging in?
By logging in, you'll unlock next-day availability of TNT original series as well as the ability to view all episodes that are currently available.

How much does this exclusive access cost?
This service is free as part of your television subscription and is available through participating television providers.

Can I purchase these shows on a pay-per-view basis?
These shows are not available on a pay-per-view basis. However, as a subscriber of a participating television provider, you'll have access to many full episodes whenever you log on to your computer.

When are new shows available?
Most TNT original series will be available to registered users the morning after they air on television.

There are some TNT shows that I like but can't find on this service. Where are they?
Some shows that have aired on our networks are not currently available on this service. However, we frequently update our programming so the show you're looking for may be available at some point in the future.

I currently receive TNT. Am I already registered for this service?
This service is only available through participating television providers. To access it, you will need a subscription from a participating television provider. Please contact your television provider to find out if they are participating in this offering.

Do I need to use a credit card to sign up for this service?
No, it is offered free as part of your subscription to participating television providers. No credit card is required.

I forgot my username and/or password. What do I do?
If you forgot any of your login information, please contact your television provider. TNT does not have this information.

How do I contact customer care?
If you require assistance, contact your television provider directly. If you're experiencing technical difficulties, refer to the Technical Questions section of the FAQ (below). If you're experiencing login difficulties, refer to the Login & Account Settings section (below).

How do I cancel my account?
This service is free, as long as you're a subscriber of a participating television provider. You may stop using the service at any time at your discretion.

Does the app work with a cellular connection?
Yes, you can use the app on a cellular connection but be aware that this may cause buffering and will count towards your data plan.

Do I need to be connected to the Internet?
Yes, to watch shows in this app, you need to be connected to the Internet via wi-fi or a cellular network.

Why does the video freeze while playing?
This is known as buffering and happens when the app is not able to download the video fast enough to play it back in real-time. If buffering continues to occur while watching a video, make sure your mobile device is connected to the internet and isn’t downloading other data at the same time.

Why is the video blurry?
The streaming technology the app uses changes the video quality automatically based on how quickly your internet connection can download the video. Blurry or pixilated video is often caused by slowness in your internet connection.

When I try to watch a show, the volume is too low. How do I fix this problem?
If you are having trouble with the volume on a video, try the following steps:
1. Check the volume control in the video player to verify that it's not on the lowest setting.
2. Make sure your mobile device's volume is not muted or too low.

I have questions about closed captions. How do I get help?
For specific inquiries regarding closed captioning on programming delivered via this application, please contact:
Kathleen Rodriguez, Corporate Legal Manager
Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.
1050 Techwood Drive, NW
Atlanta, GA 30318-5604
Tel: 404-827- 3111
Fax: 404-878-4640
For captioning inquiries regarding any programming delivered via television, or inquiries regarding video described programming, please contact your pay television service provider.

How do I enable closed captioning on this application?
To use closed captions on this application simply tap the video while it is playing. You will see a button labeled "CC." Tap the "CC" button to turn closed captions on, and tap the "CC" button again to turn closed captions off.

Why aren’t there captions in a program I accessed through this [site/application]?
Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. is actively working to expand closed captioning of its online video programming, including full compliance with all relevant FCC implementation timelines. More information about the FCC’s online closed captioning requirements and timelines can be found here. Please note that certain software and equipment may not support closed captions at this time. Turner continues to work with its technology and distribution partners to enable this support wherever possible.